The Montgomery Village Golf Club closed its doors and shut down all operations effective November 30, 2014. On behalf of its owner, Monument Realty would like to thank the Club’s loyal members and our incredibly hard working and dedicated staff.

While the property will no longer be maintained at its former level, it will be attended to in accordance with County requirements. As Monument works with the County to repurpose the property, our primary concern is maintaining a safe and secure environment. Once the club has closed, residents should expect the following:

  • All vehicles and equipment will be removed from the site, leaving only structures and security features such as fences.
  • The structures will be secured and, at some point, demolished.
  • The property will be secured by fence or other means at all vehicular access points.
  • The property will not have any regular policing but will be regularly inspected.
  • Until such time as the structures are removed, they will be secured in accordance with Montgomery County DHCA Code.
  • The grass will be mowed at the perimeter of the property in accordance with DHCA code. The interior of the property will not be mowed.
  • Our team will work closely with the Montgomery Village Foundation to ensure that residents know and understand that the site is private property and may not be accessed without permission, and that doing so would be at the trespasser’s risk.
  • “Do not enter” and/or “private property/no trespassing” signs have been posted in key locations to inform the public.
  • In case of emergency or if you see suspicious behavior, please call 911.
  • To report non-emergency security concerns please call 202-777-2023 and leave a detailed message so that the concern may be investigated.

As you can imagine, it will be difficult to secure a property that is 147 acres with a perimeter that is several miles long but we will try our best to do so. We will also work hard alongside the community to advance the development process so as to minimize any uncertainty caused by the necessary closure of the golf club. We hope that you will help support the Bloom vision and ensure that this property becomes a source of pride for the Village community in the very near future.